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Flash coming up the pipe...

2011-07-16 01:39:09 by Kamazorn

Ive finally got myself flash that's NOT a trial. So Imma get busy with some pro animation now. How does: Newgrounds - Audio Connections sound? Its about the fact that although the animations live in different worlds. they are all connected through music... ;)


2010-01-08 23:52:38 by Kamazorn

Hey guys! I've got some new art sooo...
Monta Bairne and Allons-y!

Started a new Flash I have...

2009-11-30 02:53:36 by Kamazorn


Started a new Flash I have...

For the clock...

2009-10-23 05:18:15 by Kamazorn

In the Gretel And Hansel game, the clock puzzle can be solved as following:

1. Shoot down the clock on the wall with a slingshot.

2. Pick up the clock and kill Hansel. (Shoot him again and again till he dies.)

3. When the screen reloads, A clock hand should have appeared near the door. Pick it up and then crawl outside.

4. Go to the well and shoot the butterfly when it's on a flower. Pick up the clock hand it drops and open your bag.

5. Set the clock to 4.30 and go back inside the house. I suggest that if you do not like blood and gore or you get creeped out easily that you do NOT unlock the door.

I hope this was helpful and don't forget to check out my art!


2009-10-10 04:22:26 by Kamazorn

I deleted ARGH! A BUTTERFLY! Cuz it was so awful.

I like...

2009-09-06 05:33:56 by Kamazorn

Answer my question: I like... PIE! Answer by Cnagel14.


2009-04-25 21:23:41 by Kamazorn

Ok nobody wants to get it for my birthday so i still gotta save. GRRRRR!

Still Saving

2009-04-21 06:49:07 by Kamazorn



2009-04-19 21:46:00 by Kamazorn

This is damn annoying. Saving my money to buy flash... But i'll get it soon... I might do the early life of sanford and diemos...


2008-10-31 18:23:44 by Kamazorn

Working on a game called WEEBL N BOB INTERACTIVE. Should be ready soon. Ill give preview to you before it out.